Whole30 Day 15

The Whole30 rocks! I honestly cannot believe how good I feel.

I thought I was a healthy eater prior to this journey. I knew I had sugar issues — a love affair with chocolate defined me, but I also love all candy. I love it like a little kid loves candy.

On all previous attempts to change my eating habits, (I will not say or type the D word because this is not a “diet”) I continued to feed my sugar dragon, not realizing how that was sabotaging my efforts. I’d use sugar-free sweetener in my coffee, eat “light” yogurt, make “healthy” desserts at night with fruit, drink diet soda. And I couldn’t sustain the eating plan. I’d always go back to my bad habits.

The book, It Starts with Food, helped me understand why. For the past 15 days, I haven’t had any food with added sugar or artificial sweetener. And you know what? I’m not craving sugar. And guess what else? When I eat fruit with my meal twice a day, it taste AMAZING, but, I don’t feel the need AFTER that meal to open the pantry and dig for something sweet.

I haven’t stepped on the scale and I don’t even know if I’ve lost weight. And I don’t care. I am eating more than I’ve eaten in ages, and I feel great. And my clothes are looking better. And I’m in a good mood. And I don’t feel the need to nap in the afternoon. And best of all, my little girl has noticed how much more I am eating and what I’m eating and what I’m saying “no” to — more on this important revelation later.

I feel like I’m really achieving food  and scale and body image freedom.

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