“Writing is not life, but I think that sometimes it can be a way back to life.”  dictionary

Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

Welcome to my website. Let me introduce myself.

I’m Michelle Cox, a wife, mother, midlifer  and . . . . . a WRITER.

These are the things you’ll find here:

• My observations on “Life in the second half” (as in, I no longer recognize my body when I’m in downward-facing dog and my realization that IT’S THE SECOND HALF AND THE CLOCK IS TICKING!)
• Tips on Getting Started Writing (as in, I know that all of us have something to say and maybe even a dream of writing it down on paper or online and I’m here to say ‘it’s time to do it,’ because IT’S THE SECOND HALF AND THE CLOCK IS TICKING!
• How I’m Using writing to approach and conquer midlife and Claim the Title of Author (as in, I’m finally pushing back fear and following my dream; and I’d love to have company on the journey because IT’S THE SECOND HALF AND THE CLOCK IS TICKING!)

I’ve been a professional, paid writer for all of my adult life, first as a newspaper reporter and then as freelance writer and communications specialist.

When I attended journalism school at the University of Missouri-Columbia in the late 1980’s, I was full of dreams – dreams of becoming a hard news reporter and breaking stories that would change the world, or at least the part of the world that I chose to call home; dreams of a long career as an award-winning journalist; and eventually, dreams of becoming a fiction author.

And I had big ideas about the power of the written word.

Some of those dreams came true. I became a hard news reporter for a time. I was assigned the cops and courts beat at a couple of different newspapers. I wrote about murders and assaults and missing and abused kids. I covered death penalty trials and was present when a jury chose to send a man to the electric chair. Hard. News.

I broke a few stories. I won a couple of awards. I also fell in love, got married, moved and began having children. I believe dreams change to match blessings. Mine did.

Now, three kids and more than two decades of marriage and work experience later, I’m still writing.

And I still believe in the power of written word.

These days, I am a freelance writer and communications specialist. I have combined my decades of experience as a print journalist and public relations professional into a boutique communications business through which I serve a gamut of clients across multiple industries. I continue to write for newspapers, magazines and blogs. And I’m also writing fiction.

That’s because as my 40s began winding down and as I prepared to enter my “second half”, I came to a very important realization:

(Sound familiar?)

So let’s start writing.

P.S. Another factoid about me: Stephen King is my all-time favorite word slinger!

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  1. I read your short story, Porcelain Prison, and had to read more from you. Your concept was brilliant and your execution of it was wonderful! I’ve signed up for your emails and I’m looking forward to reading more of your work.
    I agree with you about Mr. King – amazing writer! Full Dark, No Stars is my absolute favorite book of his.
    After years of writing sporadically, I’ve recently put my passion for storytelling first. I’m still struggling with some things, but I’m finally doing it! I made it a priority and put it on my daily to-do list.
    Your blog and your words are inspiring! Thank you!

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