Adult Friendships – Make New Friends But Keep the Old

PREVIOUSLY POSTED AUG. 2008 I mentioned in a previous post that I recently hooked up with a very dear, almost life-long friend. My friend and I met as freshmen in high school.  We took classes together, partied together, traveled together and even lived together (rather peacefully, in fact) in an apartment until I lost my job and had to relocate to South Carolina for a new job. My friend visited me in South Carolina, was in my wedding and visited me […] Read More

Parenting a Swimmer

REPUBLISHED FROM 2010 I’ve been a little hesitant to write this post because a Mom blogger always needs to be mindful of the privacy rights of her children. However, my teenage daughter has shared her swimming struggles somewhat publicly lately, and I thought if it would help another swimmer or another mom or dad struggling to parent a teenage athlete, then maybe it would be a good thing to share here. My 14-year-old swims competitively and she is very serious […] Read More

Embassy Suites Best of Hotels in Oklahoma City

My husband and I and our preschooler recently stayed at the Embassy Suites in Oklahoma City and I can’t say enough about the experience. I’ve stayed at these properties before, but it’s been a few years and I’d forgotten how much better Embassy Suites is at making a stay away from home more of a vacation than a stay away from home. You get a sense of how delightful your visit is going to be when you walk into the […] Read More

Last Chapter: Aging Gracefully

My friend called me this week to tell me she is officially done with menopause — as in scientifically DONE, as in she has lab results with real numbers indicating that that she has completed this phase of her life. I wanted to say something clever or quote a song lyric. But nothing came to mind as I watched the kaleidoscope of memories flashing like a flipbook in my brain. We’ve shared so many milestones, some in person, some on […] Read More

Whole30 Day 15

The Whole30 rocks! I honestly cannot believe how good I feel. I thought I was a healthy eater prior to this journey. I knew I had sugar issues — a love affair with chocolate defined me, but I also love all candy. I love it like a little kid loves candy. On all previous attempts to change my eating habits, (I will not say or type the D word because this is not a “diet”) I continued to feed my […] Read More

Whole30 Day 6

It’s day 6 of my first Whole30. I’m sick of vegetables, but I feel great otherwise. So far the sugar cravings have been manageable. I really believe this program might be the answer to freedom from the scale and obsessions about dieting, calorie counting, etc., for me. That makes me smile. Now, to go force myself to eat (I’m actually not hungry this morning at all.)

When Summer is Enough

I took my oldest, Gretchen, back to Louisville this week so she could begin what will be her senior year in college. For me, the day was ripe with nostalgia. The summer heat and humidity, and the empty, quiet campus, combined to transport me back to my move-in days at Mizzou and to send me swimming in a pool of reflection. As we loaded our arms full of Gretchen’s belongings and walked from our cars to her dorm room and […] Read More

“Writing is not life, but I think that sometimes it can be a way back to life.” — Stephen King

When I attended journalism school at the University of Missouri-Columbia in the late 1980’s, I was full of dreams – dreams of becoming a hard news reporter; dreams of breaking stories that would change the world, or at least the part of the world that I chose to call home; dreams of a long career as an award-winning journalist. And I had big ideas about the power of the written word. Some of those dreams came true. I became a […] Read More