Heaven Meets Earth – Miracle of Christmas

The bar was a little smoky and there were some booths made of dark wood with high backs, offering privacy from the other people who had come to play pool, flirt, drink or talk. It was August in South Carolina. The air conditioning was in a hopeless battle with the Clemson students who were flowing in and out, unworried about how much their slow, social ingresses and egresses were affecting the temperature in the joint. The constant invasion of the […] Read More

Marathon Training — Trust the Process

My family is harassing me – in a loving way, of course — because I announced my plans to run another marathon this spring. Their reactions? “But you said . . . . “ and “I specifically remember you stating . . . “ and “What about your hip?” and . . . “Are you crazy?” I swore off this 26.2-mile event in October 2011 as I crossed the finish line of my third marathon. I was running Chicago, hoping […] Read More

Meeting Them Where They Are – Grief, Comfort

I wake in the cold hotel room and hear the room’s archaic air conditioner humming and thumping, having been left on because of an unexpected warm spell in December. I peek at my watch and am grateful that it reads 2 a.m. – three and half more hours to sleep. I enjoy being one of those fortunate souls who can fall back asleep within seconds of deciding to do so, but I intentionally delay my slumber on this night. My […] Read More

The Shadow of Fear versus the Light of Courage

My late Grandmother once told me that fear is a sin. I can’t remember the exact circumstances that prompted the conversation, but it had something to do with my children – my fears and worries related to them. The message sounds harsh, but that wasn’t her intention. Her words were delivered lovingly, without judgment, and her point was that I should trust Jesus more and fear less. I listened, and then continued to be fearful, especially when it came to […] Read More

Embassy Suites Is An Amazing St. Louis Hotel

The downtown Embassy Suites is a great hotel in St. Louis and provided a perfect venue for our recent mother/daughter sleepover which coincided with the Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour concert last week. The hotel is located one block from the America’s Center Convention Complex and the Edward Jones Dome at 610 North 7th Street. Valet parking is available out front. The hotel lobby is beautiful and the staff was extremely attentive and helpful. In fact, I lost my valet […] Read More

Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour Provides Great Mother/Daughter Experience

My 7-year-old’s suggestion that we do a mother/daughter sleepover, complete with crafts, board games, facials and mani’s/pedi’s became a reality last week with an added bonus – tickets to the Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour concert, in the SECOND ROW OFF THE STAGE! Ginger first suggested this weekend of “funtivities” last spring, offering it as a birthday present from her to me. Since I’m not the type of mom who loves doing crafts or playing board games, I kind of […] Read More

Be Patient — Lessons Learned from a Cat Adoption

Last week at church, I felt very convicted during the message. Ephesians 4:2- Be humble. Be gentle. Be patient .Tolerate one another in an atmosphere thick with love. Ironically, as he was talking about patience, I sat there thinking: “I wish he’d get to the part about how to achieve patience.” No joke. The irony of that thought process wasn’t lost on me. I already said I felt convicted. The very same weekend I heard that message, this beast came […] Read More

Novelist – It’s Okay To Want It

Kelli Stuart is one of my favorite bloggers and now she’s about to be a published novelist. I want to be a published novelist, so this post is one from which I find a ton of inspiration —   It’s Okay To Want It

Indianapolis Nestle Inn Bed and Breakfast is Five Stars

Originally published Feb. 5, 2012 The Nestle Inn Bed and Breakfast near downtown Indianapolis is one of the most charming, comfortable, character-infused, locationally-gifted B&B’s I have ever visited. I recently had the pleasure of spending two nights at this urban B&B when my teenage daughter and I were in Indianapolis for a swim meet.  Here are some of the things we loved about the Nestle Inn: The home has the historic look and feel of an old dwelling, dating back […] Read More

Done Waiting on My Weight – My Whole30 Success Story

whole30 success

I threw away my scales. I’m finally free to the life God intended me to live, unencumbered by a number. That is the priceless, immeasurable result of my Whole30. For the first time in 34 years, my relationship with gravity and the device used to scientifically measure that relationship no longer determine my mood, dictate my happiness or demean my sense of self worth. I put two of my scales in the trashcan, on trash day, and let the trash […] Read More