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Month: October 2015

Embassy Suites Is An Amazing St. Louis Hotel

ES_extnight_712x342_FitToBoxSmallDimension_CenterThe downtown Embassy Suites is a great hotel in St. Louis and provided a perfect venue for our recent mother/daughter sleepover which coincided with the Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour concert last week.

The hotel is located one block from the America’s Center Convention Complex and the Edward Jones Dome at 610 North 7th Street. Valet parking is available out front.

The hotel lobby is beautiful and the staff was extremely attentive and helpful. In fact, I lost my valet ticket when it was time to leave for the concert, but the valet promptly located my car and got us on our way.

The best feature of the hotel, in my opinion, was the size of the rooms. I commented on that to the hotel manager, Wade Thompson, and he told me he thinks they have some of the largest rooms among the Embassy Suites properties. And he said we were in one of the smaller suites in his grand hotel. I’m confident the room was bigger than my first and my second apartments.

My daughter and I enjoyed the afternoon in our room, but took a little time to go exploring around the hotel. Here’s what we found:

There was a daily “happy hour” with free drinks and snack, as well as an amazing breakfast spread the next day complete with made-to-order omelets. The hotel pool and exercise room would make any guest happy, although we didn’t have time to enjoy either one. Maybe next time.

So, if you’re looking for a great hotel in St. Louis, especially if you’re traveling with kids and want a large suite with plenty of space, consider the Embassy Suites by Hilton St. Louis Downtown.

Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour Provides Great Mother/Daughter Experience

Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour St. Louis Concert
Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour St. Louis Concert

My 7-year-old’s suggestion that we do a mother/daughter sleepover, complete with crafts, board games, facials and mani’s/pedi’s became a reality last week with an added bonus – tickets to the Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour concert, in the SECOND ROW OFF THE STAGE!

Ginger first suggested this weekend of “funtivities” last spring, offering it as a birthday present from her to me. Since I’m not the type of mom who loves doing crafts or playing board games, I kind of put her off, suggesting a Starbuck’s gift card instead. I know, shame on me.

She was persistent and kept after me all summer. So I began trying to figure out how to make it happen, knowing in my heart that I should cherish these times with her, reminding myself how quickly time passes.

When we lucked into the amazing seats at the Taylor Swift concert, I decided it would be fun to skip school, stay downtown, do our crafts & mani’s/pedi’s and head over the concert to top off the night. We stayed at the Embassy Suites, which I reviewed here.

The concert was amazing – an experience that I think Ginger will remember forever. I know I will. It was magical for my daughter, being that close to the stage, able to see the beads of perspiration on Taylor’s face as she put 110 percent into her performance. Ginger belted out the lyrics to almost every song, and seemed mesmerized by the dancing, the lights, the pure energy put forth by a performer who knows how to interact with and electrify an audience.

It was a transforming 24 hours for me, too – a reset of sorts. It reminded me to slow down and enjoy my girl. It helped me acknowledge a few things that I knew, but had forgotten in my busyness:

  • Ginger won’t remember whether I kept the house clean.
  • She won’t care what I accomplished as a writer.
  • She is unconcerned about my work, my website, my paycheck or my social media presence.
  • She expects to be fed, but isn’t worried about whether every meal is balanced.
  • She desires my attention and my presence.
  • She likes crafts and board games and music just like I like reading, horror flicks, running and time outdoors. I must make a regular effort to engage in her passions.
  • We share an interest in fashion, perfume and all things “girly” so that’s a good place to “hang out” together.
  • Now we also share an interest in Taylor Swift, but it’s because we did it together.
  • She wants me. Most importantly, she wants ME. That’s easy. Give her more of ME, and in so doing, I get the amazing benefit of getting more of her.

One more big plus from the weekend: Ginger and I had a chance to really talk about things going on in her life. At 7, she’s starting to navigate the difficult social waters of “girlhood.” Those waters can be rough, mainly because more often than not, our gender has not figured out how to lift each other up rather than cut each other down.

Mean girls are reality. And I am a believer that EVERY girl possesses a mean girl inside of her. It is our job, as moms, to help our daughters tame the mean girl, keep her on a very, very short leash, acknowledging her feelings, helping our daughters to give words to those feelings, but then empowering them to reach higher – to look up and consider what Christ wants her to do and be. Ginger and I talked about how hard it is to be nice after someone has been mean, and then how to move on. Then we talked about how the Taylor Swift song, Shake It Off, can be a theme song for doing just that.

So, thanks Taylor, for everything! And thanks to the Embassy Suites for providing a great venue for our mother/daughter Sleepover.