Memories & Goodbye to My Minivan, Hello Mini SUV

I cried on my 30th birthday. I was sitting in a bar in downtown St. Louis at an impromptu party that my husband had organized and suddenly I was crying. My friend, Jan, asked me what was wrong, and I said, “I’m 30 years old and I’m driving a minivan.” Jan snickered and reminded me I wanted the minivan, believing it would be easier on my back to get my 2-year-old in and out of her car seat. That only […] Read More

A Lamp, an Engraving Tool and Fishing

When I was a teenager, Missouri driver license numbers had 16 digits. I still know my number by heart because my Dad had an engraving tool and he etched that number on every single one of my possessions with a personal engraving gadget. Evidence of that quirky habit surfaced as we spent part of our Memorial Day weekend doing some basement cleaning out and reorganizing. My husband came across this desk lamp, which was a high school graduation present from […] Read More

A Letter to My College Graduate – I Noticed, I Saw

You, the baby who entered the world dramatically, unresponsive and frighteningly silent, the one who made me a mother for the first time and who has only ever been late to one event in your entire life – your due date — and only ever “failed” one test (the APGAR) — YOU are graduating from college. While you were still tucked inside of me, I wrote letters and tucked them into your baby book. Those letters were written by a […] Read More

The Journey

I completed the Go! St. Louis Marathon on Sunday, April 10, marking the 4th time I’ve completed this journey and run 26.2 miles. Statistics say that less than 1 percent of the U.S. population has ever run a marathon. So according to the numbers, I’m in a pretty elite group. But I didn’t feel accomplished on Sunday. I was disappointed with the number on the clock as I crossed the finish line. Instead of going below my best time , […] Read More

Running With Others Spices Up Training

Running alone is hard. Choosing to run with others is hard, too, but better. In this way, running is a little bit like life. Last weekend, before, during and after the Run for the Helmet 7k race in Cottleville, I was reminded again just how much I am getting out of my marathon training with Fleet Feet. More than just professional training and coaching, quality advice on stretching, injury prevention and nutrition – although those aspects are deeply valued – […] Read More

CrossFit GBT, Newest Box in Ellisville, Proves CrossFit is For EveryBODY


My husband and I have been trying something new this year and the vocabulary of our new endeavor includes words like thrust, snatch and jerk. Okay – minds out of the gutter. It’s CrossFit! And we were fortunate enough to discover Ellisville’s newest CrossFit Gym, CrossFit GBT (Got Better Today) and its owner Karla Bennett. I had been hearing a lot about CrossFit for a couple of years, but I chose to ignore the chatter. I understand the importance of […] Read More

The Valentine’s Box

When I had my third baby at age 40, nine years after my second baby, my heart danced at the prospect of getting to do everything over again as an older, wiser mom. I vowed to appreciate all the moments more, to live in the present and embrace every aspect of motherhood during what would be my motherly swan song, my last “at-bat.” If I’m being generous, I might say my batting average is about .500 on this score. But […] Read More

Gratitude — Hearing the Right Messages

Rejection. Dismissal. Those are lonely words – words of not belonging, of being on the outside, of being alone. Yesterday, I was rejected and dismissed by someone I love, someone to whom I used to be very close. I experienced a range of emotions and the symptoms of those emotions – sadness and tears, anger and spitefulness, thoughts of revenge, sarcasm, detachment. I finally settled into sadness and disappointment. I sat in my family room that looked dreary and neglected […] Read More

Training Pace for a Marathon – Slow Down to Speed Up?

I remember the day my neighbor showed me how to properly pit an avocado. I was so glad to find out there was a better, smarter method that rendered much better results than my clumsy approach. I was equally grateful when my Greek friend taught me the best way to seed a pomegranate. Again –more efficient, less messy, much better results. Now I’m hoping to have similar results with my running. I’ve heard there’s a better, smarter way to train […] Read More